Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

If size matters to you, the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid is the car for you, especially if, in addition to the desire to do things big, you is a pile of civil and social consciousness that finds a foothold in see the word “Hybrid” green stamped on the side. It is because of what the American giant SUV can make the figure of the gentle giant. on Europe’s roads however, especially in the narrow streets of our city centers, could be like a bull in the china shop. The audience for these cars but there is also in Italy. It’s niche, but an image. For them – and more – we test drive the Escalade Hybrid.

5142 mm in size are the automotive enriched from a height of 1,887 mm and a width of 2006 mm and with the natural addition of mirrors than 2.5 meters. And to think that the U.S. version is available with elongated body further XLV mm. The wheelbase is 2,946 mm. The Escalade then does nothing to disguise its dimensions with square lines , vertical headlamps and chrome But from scattered everywhere: from the calendar at the bottom of the shell of the rear-side outlet from the 22-inch wheels, from door handles to bar the door everything.

The cockpit is designed for 7-seater with the second (60/40) and the third row (50/50) of seats can be folded or removed. Traveling with a full house, there are only 98 liters. If you are in 5, lowering the third row there are 478 liters. In two can reach a maximum of 3,084 liters, accessible from the tailgate, for the record, is electric. Electric too – and impressive – is the running-board self-extracting whose presence facilitates entry and exit from the car by increasing feeling that in realСвойстваity it is “up” and “down” from a media that has little conventional and ground clearance of 2,288 mm. It must be said however that the ‘ angle of the rear doors is not particularly large nor the means of access to rear seats is memorable for effectiveness. Huge space under the front armrest, generous in number and all other storage capacity of various types, including the ever-present cup holders.

The driving position is at a height of nearly Car articulated. The bridge is full of buttons, the huge front armrest , rather different than the usual arrangement of controls around the steering column with a crown of large but it can only be adjusted in tilt and depth. Here we find the automatic transmission shifter, also important dimensions. Only five possible positions (PRDNM) for a transmission that is the heart of the thrill bimodal system designed by General Motors’s Cadillac at the time with BMW and Mercedes who use it on the X6 ActiveHybrid, respectively, and the ML 450 Hybrid (not sold in Europe) . It is a special shape of the inside with 4 fixed gears and two continuously variable connected with two electric motors connected with a Ni-MH battery to 300 volts. The engine is a 6-liter V8 from 337 hp at 5,100 rpm and 495 Nm at 5,100 rpm, with central camshaft and rockers and distribution in auctions with two valves per cylinder, variable valve timing and selective deactivation system cylinders. In this way the V8 at low loads while traveling with 4 cylinders up to 30 km / h for short distances this giant fails to march in electric-only mode. Not declared the combined power of the hybrid system whose behavior can be viewed on a screen dedicated to the display 8-inch cone which also integrated the sound system and a navigation system. The air conditioning system is fed directly from the three zones and hybrid battery to remain active even with the V8 engine stopped.

The Escalade, believe it or not, moves like a hippo. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h happens in the time stated that 8.4 seconds , a time that seems optimistic to 2729 kg car , it sure is smooth thanks to the support offered by electric motors. Braking comes naturally without ever feeling that there is overweight. Particular feelings when they come instead on city streets is more likely to meet the eyes of drivers of buses and not those of other cars. This Cadillac is not a town for the constitution , but has a surprisingly small turning circle and steering is still light. The suspension, despite the presence of magnetorheological dampers do not provide the absorption impeccable – but here is the fault of the frame separated from the body – back only the good of the body lying on bends and even the steering (electromechanical here) has a correct answer, higher than expected. The speed is only 170 km / h , a little ‘to the aerodynamics of the boundary wall, a little’ because there is the limitation of electronics.

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid
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