Mercedes Biome

The Mercedes-Benz Biome is a concept very futuristic design that the center of the German manufacturer has developed its design center in Carlsbad California. The low and curvaceous coupe of the Star is one of the proposals made for the Los Angeles Design Challenge, The competition that every year sets in motion an interesting contest between the most active centers of automotive design that are based in the USA. The theme which has inspired competitors to the 2010 edition are those of the reduction in consumption and a more careful use of natural resources, Which partly explains why the empty weight of only 454 kg, The mysterious fuel BioNectar4534 and the biomorphic forms of the body.

Hubert Lee, head of Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studios in Carlsbad, speaks of biomass as a “Vision of the perfect vehicle of the future”Created “in the nature and in harmony with this.” The Mercedes-Benz Biome is in fact a 2 +2 made with an unspecified ultreleggero material called Biofibre that form the body weight of 394 kg. Since the simple materialization of an idea, the same Lee you can afford to compare the construction of a cultivation, the body comes from special seeds planted in special nurseries.

The theme of the car organic and in harmony with the natural elements Back in the realization of the car over, with interiors that arise from the same “seed” that creates the Star rear-wheel-that “bloom” by as many seeds and other details that come from the growth of other genetically modified organisms. The engine is fueled with a fuel of plant origin, the ‘hypothetical BioNectar4534 which is stored inside the body, the carrier and wheels.

For the production of this fuel of the future, imagined on the basis of the promising advances in genetics and bioengineering, we talk about special receptors Mercedes-Benz to be applied on the trees to transform solar energy into BioNectar4534. A confirmation of a design to measure ecosystem is the fact that the production cycle and the operation of the oxygen and produces Mercedes Biome that once reached the end of life, can be completely recycled, turned into fertilizer or used as building material.

Mercedes Biome
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