Mercedes SLS Roadster

The legendary gullwing close and disappearBut now you can open the roof. We talk about the SLS Roadster, the discovery of a new variant of Mercedes-Benz most sports and always fascinating, evolving into the bodywork to delight those customers who want the wind in the hair even at the wheel of a supercar. If you are already twisting his nose, you know that is the history repeating: In the late ’50s the progenitor of the SLS, the SL roadster version was introduced in order to meet the demands of the American market, a lover of the findings, but most of all comfort (get in a car with gull-wing doors is more inconvenient). If you’re undecided about which to prefer SLS today, take your time as well, however, the Roadster will arrive after the summer, and you will see on the street October.

The first thing we did while looking through the photo album is the official search for an image of new goalkeeperBut we have not found it. At Stuttgart, at least for the time being, chose not to snap the SLS Roadster with the doors open. And maybe we would have done the same: two conventional doors on a SLS is a design element too trivial. It ‘better to concentrate on the line of a beautiful body otherwise. The absence of the roof does not lose value more appropriate adjective for the SLS “seductive”, a very appealing car. We prefer not to add anything but some functional on the new roof: the electric soft top, triple-layer fabric, it opens in 11 seconds and can operate up to 50 km / h speed. And the capacity of the luggage compartment is not affected by the hood: Mercedes declaring a fixed capacity of 173 liters, Only marginally below the 176 liters of SLS Coupe.

Just 40 pounds heavier, for a total of 1660 kg. In such a short amount of weight resulting from the increase in the stiffness contributed by engineers in Stuttgart to compensate for the absence of the roof. An excellent result that means a confirmation, on paper, the performance of the SLS Coupe: 3.8 seconds to take the stopwatch from 0 to 100 km / h 317 km / h maximum speed, electronically limited, however. The merit of this masterpiece is always made in Affalterbach motoring, the V8 engine capacity from 6.208cc 571 horsepower at 6,800 rpm for 650 Nm of torque at 4,750 rpm governed by the dual-clutch gearbox with seven gears Speedshift dct.

The new body has provided the ‘inspiration Mercedes-AMG at the Design Center to design a new color for the body called “brown Sepang. The colors became available so that you can match and nine three colors to the canvas soft top, black, red or beige. And then you can choose the colors of the upholstery (leather) of the passenger compartment, which are also eight and two-tone. Special equipment for this new SLS, borrowed from other Mercedes-Benz Roadster is the system AIRSCARF, A ventilation system integrated in the headrests, which warms the occupants’ necks when riding in the open.

As anticipated at the beginning of the article, the SLS Roadster will arrive in October, after the presentation to Frankfurt Motor Show. But the car you can order as early as June 1, at a price of about 200 000 €.

Mercedes SLS Roadster
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