“Trend-conscious commercial customers” is not an expression we have heard lately ever, but possibly we are just fraternizing within the wrong circles. Small, however, knows lots of them it has produced the Clubvan, a 2-chair, five-door, panel-style sort of the Clubman that’s “the earth’s first premium compact delivery van.”

Because the word “van” might indicate, rather than back seats the Club van includes a cargo bay along with a fixed grate to help keep breakables and bulldogs from sliding in to the cockpit.

Based on Small, individuals aren’t actual sections in which the Club man home windows usually reside, it is simply the home windows happen to be blacked out in order to be opaque and additional bolstered by having an inner layer of thermoplastic. The glass within the rear doorways has additionally been blacked out.

The 860-liter loading area has carpeting as well as an acrylic roof, has 12-volt electrical sockets, attachment loops, and may handle as much as 500 kilos.

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